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Many subjects and papers are taught to eight classes in the college. For the smooth functioning without clash, the college needs neat planning of classes and papers in the given time of the college. The Time-table Committee sets the time-table classes wise, paper wise and day wise.

Goals & Objective

  1. To study the classes/papers class wise of all teachers.
  2. To prepare a schedule giving justice to all subjects and papers.
  3. To help in the smooth functioning of the college.


  1. In the beginning of the year , taking the work distribution from all departments.
  2. Preparation of time-table keeping in view the availability of classes, time required, and workload of teachers
  3. Making changes in the time-table according to the revised curriculum and change in work distribution
  4. Displaying the time-table in the staffroom for teachers, in the principal cabin and on the notice board for the students
  5. Preparation of the week wise and teacher wise time-table.

Committee Members

Name Designation
Dr.A.S.Patil In Charge
Dr.M.N.Haladkar Member