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Program Outcome

Program outcome for B.A. and B. Com in general are

  1. Students obtain a bachelor degree.
  2. They become eligible for various jobs in the government as well as private sector.
  3. They achieve maturity to be a responsible citizen.
  4. Education enables students to respect the nation and its constitution.
  5. Boosts their confidence.
  6. They become eligible to get loan from the government to run self- employment under various schemes.
  7. They pursue further studies in HE and can be researchers in their fields.

Programme Specific Outcomes: B. A. program in the college offers specialization in four subjects having specific outcomes beside the general out comes given above.

B.A. English

  1. Students interpret both the spoken and written English.
  2. Knowledge of English enables students to speak and write English and communicate in it as per the demand of the situation.
  3. Students interpret literatures in English applying knowledge of critical theories. They get acquainted with many cultures across the world.
  4. Studying English language equips the students with abilities to develop and acquire great opportunities which help them in their future career in getting a good job.
  5. Knowledge of English language offers them opportunities to work as teacher in schools, Colleges, Universities and outside the country after fulfilling the required qualification .
  6. It gives them opportunities to run private tuitions.
  7. They get jobs like editor, translator, proof- reader, copy- writer and others in the field of journalism.
  8. They can be professional translators & guides.
  9. Knowledge of English helpsthem work in Advertising and Marketing fields.

B.A. Marathi

  1. Students interpret Marathi literature.
  2. Students get opportunities to work as teachers of Marathi in schools, colleges and universities, after fulfilling other necessary eligibility.
  3. They get jobs like news reporters, editors, and proof – readers in the field of journalism.
  4. They can be compeers, anchors, and RJs.
  5. Knowledge of Marathi enables them to work in Advertising and Marketing fields.

B.A. Economics

  1. After completing B.A. Course in Economics students : can get an opportunity to teach Economics in Schools, Junior and Senior colleges and universities after getting the further required qualifications
  2. They get the opportunity to work as statistical & economics surveyors in Government offices.
  3. They can also work as financial and marketing counselors.
  4. Knowledge of Economics enables the students to manage their personal economic problems in a better way. They work more efficiently in the fields of consultancy in investment in Banking & Marketing

B.A. History

  1. Students obtain the knowledge of the science of history.
  2. Knowledge of history enables them to interpret the present social, political, economic and national problems.
  3. They get the opportunity to get a job in the department of archeology.
  4. B. A. programme in History offers them opportunities to work, as a teacher of history at high school , Junior college, UG and PG Levels.
  5. Knowledge of history offers them Numismatic, museological and epigraphic job opportunities.
  6. It enables the students to work in Tourism industry.
  7. It makes the students aware of the world heritage.

B. Com

  1. Students acquire knowledge and skills of book keeping , proceeding writing , meeting arrangements, marketing, secretarial practice and many other which are related to the commercial work outside.
  2. They get opportunities to be employed for book keeping of various accounts in all the sectors and industries.
  3. They can be auditors Class I, II, III, CA, ICWAI and CS, Bankers Agents , Insurance, Marketing, Share Marketing.