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A women had always been treated subordinate to man. However, in the present century efforts are being taken for the conscientisation and empowerment of women. They are getting opportunities in various employments, politics and every sphere of life. However, they face socially evil –minded people in every walk of life. Hence, they feel insecure outside home. At the place of work. This has an adverse effect on there mental state, ability and naturally on there progress. And if half of the population is under such and evil pressure, then the Nation won't be truly developed. To avoid all these adversities,there is a need to protest sextual harassment from the root and to change the mentality of all the social factors. Hence, the Internal Complaints committee aims to toil to make the whole society aware of these things.

Goals & Objective

  1. To create such a healthy atmosphere in the college & college campus, So that women feel secure there.
  2. To awaken people against sextual harassment
  3. To penalize sextual harassment act in the college lawfully.
  4. To produce a healthy & sound relation between male & female.


  1. To arrange lectures awaking against sextual harassment.
  2. To display information regarding the modus opernadit and members of the committee in the college.
  3. To arrange workshop on sextual harassment act 2013.
  4. To arrange postal exhibition.

Modus Operandi

  1. To redress the grivances of sexual harassment as per the modus

Committee Members

Name Designation
Shri. Amar Bulle  In charge
Dr.Lata More
Dr. Savita Rasam Member