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College Building

Balasaheb Mane Education Trust, Rukadi has its own building which is being optimally utilized by the branches of the Trust. The college has been given, from the joint building of the trust, the required rooms for classrooms, computer room, language Lab, Administrative office, Principal’s office, Library, study room, ladies’ room, NSS office, gymkhana, Ladies Hostel Canteen, IQAC Room, office for Distance Education, YCMOU, Strong Room, Staff Room, Record Room, Function Hall, Meeting Room. The adaptation of facilities is done as per the necessity of the college so as to reinforce educational standard. Likewise, facilities are catered with the aim to bring about students’ academic and personality development with assistance of the Trust and UGC.

The college has programs like B.A., B. COM., and M.A. (Economics).


Principal’s Office

On the first floor of the joint building of the college has a separate principal’s office which consists of a separate meeting room, Principal’s cabin and a separate retiring room for the principal.



There is an administrative office on the first floor of the joint building which has two computers with windows 7 and office 7, 2 lacer printers & photocopiers. The administration uses ShivajiUniverstiy’s software for admission & Examination.


Class Rooms

There are 13 classrooms which are sufficient for these programs. These classrooms are put to optimum utilization. After the regular classes they are used for COC, exams, Sachetana Courses & Foundation Course for competitive


Seminar Hall

The college has developed a seminar hall on the second floor of the building. It is equipped with the ICT facilities like LCD, Wi-Fi and sound system. It can accommodate around 175 students.


Multipurpose Hall

There is separate spacious multipurpose hall which is used for various activities like culture programmers, annual prize distribution ceremony, and practice of various events of youth festival.



There is a separate room for the IQAC office in the college.


Record room and strong room

There is a separate record room in the college to store various records. Likewise in order to store safely the examination related documents, question papers and answer sheets the college has a separate strong room.


Play Ground

There is a big play ground which belongs to The Primary School run by ZP Kolhapur in front of the joint building of the Trust. The college uses this play ground with the due permission of the concerned administration.


Bore well, water purifier and Cooler

The college owns a bore well. Its water is used for drinking, cleaning the toilet blocks and watering the potted plants in the college. The college has installed a water purifier and cooler that provide clean safe and cool water to the students.



The college has provided separate toilet facility for girl students and boy students, ladies’ staff and gent’s staff. The Ladies’ toilet has a changing room as well as a sanitary napkins vending machine