Arts and Commerce College
Rukadi, Kolhapur, Maharahstra
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Monday 10 March 2009 | 11:30 PM


"It is my great pleasure and honor to participate in this workshop as a resource person and chairperson. i am very thankful for this opportunity. This is my first visit to this college. I think everything was excellent in the workshop. Thanks."

Dr. M. G. Jadhav
Department of Psychology K.B.P. College,
Urun-Islampur, Sangali


"Organization and conduct of workshop was very nice. The complete program was managed by administrative staff with good support from teaching staff.

Participant participated with good infective in the in fever tin session.

Arrangement were nice."

- Shree B. M. Hardikar
Shivaji University, Kolhapur


"The effort of the college forwards improving the status of girls and resolving social problems of the students in nation worthy

Excellent work is done with the cooperation of the staff: warm regards to all"

Dr. Mrs. Vasanti Rasam
Head of the Politics Department
Shivaji University, Kolhapur


"It was a very nice experience to be here in the premises of Rajarshi Shahu College, Rukadi. The premise is fine. The principal Dr. A. B. Rajoge is leading his team of staff rewards the mission of the college which is to make all round development of students in rural area to enable them to face the challenges of life. The students are nice and receptive. The staff and principal are changed with the missionary zeal. I hope that they keep on their battle with dedication and commitment. I with them all the best."

- Pro. Dr. Prakash Herekar
Department of commerce,
Devchanad College, Arjunnangar, Nipani.


I was very nice to be have for welcome function in the college. This college under the able leadership of Dr. Rajage, principal of the college is maintained some unique academic traditions. More 39th various department and 6th career united courses are conducted, aiming at all-round development of the student. These skill development programmes will be of great use for the student in future. Discipline and other planned activities of the college are really praiseworthy.

     The leader of team along with him of teaching as well as Administrative staff desenrs special appreciation for their concerted, planned efforts.

Pri. B. M. Hirdikar
Deputy Registrar,
Shivaji University, Kolhapur.

Minor Research Project :

Sahitya Akadami Puraskrut Marathi Kadambari by Dr.Girish More


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““A sure gradual, all – round progress of the students from their existing minuses towards their possible pluses is what may be perceived as quality in the true sense””

- Dr. A. B. Rajage