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Rukadi, Kolhapur, Maharahstra
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Monday 10 March 2009 | 11:30 PM

Goals And Objectives

The objectives as stated in the constitution of Balasheb Mane Education Trust, Rukadi are

  • The Trust is established with the goal of social service and it will work in a accordance with the welfare of society and social aims.
  • The Trust aims at establishing arts, commerce science, agricultural, medical colleges as well as schools, to create educational awareness and social transformation.
  • The Trust wishes to honour primary ,secondary, and higher secondary teachers with ideal Teacher Awards
  • The Trust proposes to offer educational and medical help as well as donations to public institutes.
  • The Trust will encourage organize conferences, refresher courses, lectures and exhibitions for betterment of the society.

The Goals and Objectives of Rajarshi Shahu Arts and Commerce College are :

  • To develop the overall personality of the students through academic, extra –curricular and activities.
  • To develop a responsible Indian citizen who is self-disciplined ;has scientific altitude  ,human values and environmental awareness; who has due respect for Indian freedom struggle and who believes in social equality , Fraternity ,Secularism and Dignity of Labour
  • To bring the students, especially girls, of the socially and economically underprivileged classes of Rukadi and villages around Rakudi to higher education.
  • To provide facilities and platform to the students to improve their inherent talents and enable them to face the real life situations.
  • To educate the students  to enlighten them  with the aim to establish social justice, equality ,fraternity ,and liberty in the society.
Minor Research Project :

Sahitya Akadami Puraskrut Marathi Kadambari by Dr.Girish More


Know Us

““A sure gradual, all – round progress of the students from their existing minuses towards their possible pluses is what may be perceived as quality in the true sense””

- Dr. A. B. Rajage