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Monday 10 March 2009 | 11:30 PM


            The college has limited faculty. The number of faulty in the college is 25 out of which 08 are visiting faculty. However the number of the committees in the college is 36 which outnumbers of the faculty. These committees can be classified under three heads, viz.

  • Educational Committees
  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular Committees
  • Administration Committees.
Each committee has its unique modus operandi with specific goals.

Quality Advisory Committee (QAC)

            Immediately after the accreditation QAC was established in the college on 15 June, 2004 as per the guidelines of the NAAC. This is the apex committee in the college. It always works a watchdog for the various committees and advises them to pursue and sustain quality in all the activities being conducted in the college.

Internal Quality Assurance cell (IQAC)

            IQAC was established along with the QAC as per the guidelines of NAAC . It prepares AQARS to be sent to NAAC. It prepares the plan for the every ensuing year. IQAC has sent four AQARS to NAAC . It makes every faculty, department and committee in the college conscious of quality, prepares annual development plans for the faculty and takes the regular follow up of the things fulfilled and yet be done.

Evaluation Department:

            Before the accreditation the department had the name Teaching, Learning and Evaluation (TLE) department. This is the heart and soul of the college. It conducts internal examinations such as the terminal exam and preliminary exam. It conduits internal evaluation which includes an exam of 40 marks and two home assignments for the university, The department conducts teachers’ evaluation by students and by peers. It organizes 10 home assignments for each paper from every student.
            The department prepares the progress report of the students which is brought to the notice of the parents. The faculty prepares plan for every lecture.

Faculty Development Committee:

            This committee is meant for the faculty and its development. It brings to the notice of the faculty the various circulars, letters of invitation for conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia and training programmes , orientation and refresher course. The committee encourages the faculty to participate in these activities organized by other institutions.
            The committee stimulates the faculty to do research. Every teacher is expected to present a research paper in the staff. The committee also arranges debates on burning national/ local political, social, economical, professional and cultural issues regularly.

Career guidance and placement cell:

This cell creates career consciousness among students. It guides the students in selecting professions .It organized guidance of the successful industrialists and government officers.
            The committee gives opportunities to the students in the various career oriented programmes organized by other institutions. The goal of the committee is to make students know the significance of self-employment.


Library Committee:

It considers the purchase of books, periodicals and journals for the library and library services to the students.


Savitribai Phule Literary Association:

       It creates literary awareness among the students. It invites eminent literary artisans in the college to guide the students. It endeavours to generate art of creative writing in students.

Social Sciences Committee:

       The committee organizes programmes with the political, economical, sociological and cultural themes for the students. It invites eminent scholars in social sciences to guide the students.

Commerce Association:

      It works with aim to build up business awareness among the students. It organizes study tours to various industries for the students. It invites scholars to guide students.

National Service Scheme:

        N.S.S. organizes many student- oriented and community- oriented activities. It aims to take students into the community and make them aware of social commitment and value of labour. N.S.S. organizes a ten day special camp in a village from the catchment area of the college. It organizes cleanliness drives, plantation drives, cycle rallies for social issues like addiction, pollution, female feticide, etc. It arranges essay writing competitions on several burning issues. Poster exhibitions are also organized by this committee. It plays a very significant role in the personality development of the students. The committee imbues in the students the value of labour and social commitment through blood donation camps.

Gymkhana Committee:

      Gymkhana committee in the college provides gymkhana services to the students, alumni and citizens. It selects the students, having interest in sports, trains them and gives them the opportunity to represent the college in the sports events/competitions organized by other institutions. It organizes annual sports festival. It endeavours to imbue in the students the leadership quality and team spirit.

Manas and Utkarsh Committee:

     This committee nurtures the creative and scholarly writing skills in the students. The committee brings out the issues of the wall paper ‘Manas’, composed solely by the students under the guidance of the teachers time and again.
      The committee publishes, “Utkarsh’ and ‘Manas’ which are the major platforms for our students to juxtapose creative, scholarly and imaginative writing.


Elocution and Debating Committee:


           This committee in the college strives to inculcate in the students the skills of elocution and debating. The committee organizes a state level Inter college Elocution competition in the memory of Late Shri Sambhajirao Mane, the only son of the founder, of the mother Institution, Hon’ble MP.Late. Shri Balasaheb Mane.
           It organizes workshops on elocution and debating for making the students acquire the skills and techniques of elocution and debating.
           The committee organizes elocution and debating competitions on various occasions in the college. It offers the students opportunities to participate and represent the college in competitions organized by the other institutions.

Publicity Department:

           This department has developed a good relationship with the local newspapers.  Each and every activity in the college is published in the newspapers. It offers a kind of incentive to the students as well as the faculty. It publishes ‘Utkarshvarta’, news magazine.

Sachetana Madal:

            The committee creates career consciousness among the students, especially girl students in the college by conducting short term certificate courses in handicrafts. It organizes the exhibition of articles made by the students and in a way inculcates marketing skills among the students.

Tour Department:

             The tour department arranges tours for the students as well as the faculty. The faculty on a tour once a year is our unique activity.

Nature Club [Nisarg Mandal]:

              This club jointly organizes tours with the tour department. Every year students participate in trekking from Panhala to Pawankhind and from Rukadi to Ramling. It creates consciousness for nature conservation among students.


              This committee is formed as per the guidelines of the Government of Maharashtra. It creates scientific attitude among students. It makes students conscious against superstition. It has undertaken minor research survey cum project which will work on the water pollution during the Ganesh Festival due to the emersion of Ganesh idols and Nirmalya in the village, Atigre. The committee celebrates National Science Day.

Counseling Cell:

               The college has counseling cell. The students can have free counseling for their academic, personal and family problems. The cell organizes activities for the psychological betterment and upliftment of students.

Welfare Committee :

                This committee conducts the programmes such as prizes for the meritorious students, faculty tour. It congratulates the faculty on their personal and academic achievement.

Teacher-Parent forum :

                 It organizes the teacher-parent meetings in which the parents are informed about not only their ward’s progress but also the activities in the college. The suggestions made by the parents are accepted and implemented, if possible.

Alumni Association:

    The college has Alumni Association. The alumni of the college meet regularly and organize activities and co-operate the college in conducting blood donation camps and eye checkup camps. The association adopts a needy student and bears his/her educational expenses.

Social Science Committee :

           The committee organizes the activities to imbue social and national values among the students. The committee creates scientific, environmental and social awareness.

Lead College Scheme Committee :

                The committee helps the departments and committees to prepare the proposals of various programmes to be organized under the lead college scheme. It encourages the students and faculty to participate in the programmes organized by the other colleges in the cluster.

Admission Committee :

                This committee helps the students in taking admission in the college. It prepares the prospectus and keeps a detailed data of the students admitted in the college.

Time-Table Committee :

              It prepares the timetable of the lectures in the college.

Attendance Department :

              It keeps a keen eye on the attendance of the students. It makes correspondence with the parents whose wards are found regularly absent in the college.

College Function Committee :

            This committee prepares the calendar of the activities to be conducted in the college throughout year in the very beginning of the year. If observes the death anniversaries and celebrates birth anniversaries of the historical and social celebrities.
             The committee organizes the cultural programmes such as Welcome Function Annual Social Gathering and Valedictory Function.

Discipline Committee :

             It maintains peace and discipline on the college campus.

Grievance Redressal Cell :

             The cell considers the grievances, if any, impartially and objectively. It makes the suggestion to the concerned [a student, a faculty or a member of non-teaching staff] if necessary. The college has a suggestion box through which suggestions or grievances are obtained and the box is opened every Saturday. Otherwise grievances can be made to the principal orally or orthographically.

Ragging Prevention Committee :

             It is formed as per the order of the Supreme Court. The committee keeps the college campus ragging free.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Committee :

             The committee has been formed in college as per the order of the Supreme Court to prevent sexual harassment of the female on the college campus. The committee organizes various female student oriented programmes. The committee has been reserved with the right to punish the person found guilty of harassing a girl or woman connected with the college after thorough investigation.

Self-supporting Courses Coordinating Committee:

             The committee administrates and manages the self supporting courses in the college right from the admission and endeavours to keep the courses run smoothly.

Special Cell Standing Committee:

The committee implants the rules and circulars issued by the government and university regarding the reservation. It looks after the BC Scholarship to be distributed to the students of backward classes 

HOD Committee :

             The committee takes into account the performance of HODS for the betterment of the academic departments in the college.

Planning Board for U.G.C. Proposals :

             It encourages the faculty to go for major/minor research projects and helps them in making proposals. The board makes proposals for obtaining various grants from UGC and does necessary follow up.

Minor Research Project :

Sahitya Akadami Puraskrut Marathi Kadambari by Dr.Girish More


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““A sure gradual, all – round progress of the students from their existing minuses towards their possible pluses is what may be perceived as quality in the true sense””

- Dr. A. B. Rajage